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February 25, 2004
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Mary Sue - How to Tell by windfalcon Mary Sue - How to Tell by windfalcon
EDIT 3: 11/22/09 You guys are kidding me XD For goodness sakes, reaaaaad the liink here: [link] Every time I get a comment that reads "the one on the left is a Mary Sue because she has green hair and a power," I realize that they're not reading the description which contains this link: [link]

tl;dr: If 'special' traits fit in with the universe, it doesn't automatically make the character a Mary Sue. What if everyone else in Ami Machida's universe has green/blue/purple hair? What if everyone else has a cat power? Does that make her a Mary Sue? Not necessarily.

Please, spare me the time from having to point you BACK to the silly description and just take a minute to read the link. You know, the one I linked to a bunch of times up above. And the link here: [link]

EDIT 2: 10/11/09 I suppose this is long overdue, but for those of you with confusion, here is an explanation on why I perceive the one on the left as not a Mary Sue: [link] For the love of god stop whining about it D:

EDIT: 6/21/09 Okay, everyone, please chill with all the 'hay is my character a mary-sue!?11" questions. I get about 3 a day now and one thing you need to understand - I AM NOT AN AUTHORITY ON MARY SUES. This picture is a parody. Just for fun. The one on the right is obviously an extreme exaggeration of a stereotype and not the definitive definition for a Mary Sue. D:

Please full view. You won't be able to read the text if you don't.

For those of you who don't know, a Mary Sue, in a nutshell, is a fanmade character that is usually extremely beautiful, powerful, smart, talented, and in plain words, perfect in every way.

These characters tend to be quite a bother in fanfiction and role playing, since they simply can't be beat, and thus become boring.

Have any of you ever been rping, and come across a character who is like, " oh, well, that planet in the way isn't a problem *blows it up*"

Or, is like, "well, Vegeta and Goten and Trunks and Goku ALL have a crush on my character"

Yep. That's a Mary Sue.

So, for people who still don't understand, I made this little picture/diagram. Usually, Mary Sues have TONS of talents and TONS of powers, and no weaknesses.

Enjoy ^_^

-Done in Copic Markers, with the background and text done on computer -
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Yama-Taicho1994 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: A character that looks a lot like yourself and you use it as a pokemon trainer , is it a mary sue or oc ? :o
Well if the trainer in question has some actual, believable, honest flaws, and a realistic (For the series in question) backstory, it's an OC.

If the trainer has "An oh-so-perfect life" with an impossibly perfect personality, where for no reason whatsoever, he/she has a starter no-one else has (E.G. ditto, legendaries, pseudo-legendaries, Ect.) THAT'S a Mary-Sue.
Yama-Taicho1994 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, i don't like mary-sue's cuz they are so "perfect"! thank you for the information :)
doubleZ129 Mar 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
So Thats what a Mary Sue is a character thats picture perfect.
i immediately hate the mary sue
The green haired girl might not be a Mary Sue...

But she is a REALLY stupid character...

Also how come the only way A character can be real is if they're ONLY good at something but never great enough... Seriously it's getting old...
LittleEnglishLass Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
'How come the only way a character can be real is if they're only good at something, but never great enough?'

Because that is how REAL people are, honey. Nobody is perfect at anything. Nobody has a thousand different skill sets they're masters in.

Even Einstein made mistakes, and I'm sure Shakespeare had a few plays that bombed too. A well written character should make mistakes, fail at their endeavours or generally muck things up every once in a while, if they don't, then they are a Sue.

Look at Optimus Prime, he's a pretty clever guy, he's got a destiny, there's a prophesy about his life, he's strong, a great warrior, most people love and trust him....but what makes him such a great character? Shouldn't he also be labelled a Stu? No, and I'll tell you why, because he makes mistakes that have real consequences, he has problems overcoming obstacles and has to rely on his teammates, he earned the trust and love through hard work, he wasn't born to believe he was anything special, he has moments of self-doubt. All these things collate to form a wonderfully thought out character who is very believable.

Do you see now?
Who the hell said anything about a whole slew of perfect talents...

I'm saying having at least ONE talent to be perfect in... Oh you see artist characters... Always come in third... You see sporty characters... NEVER WIN tournaments... You see pretty people... Hello Mr. and or Ms. Runner up...

That is what I'm saying "HONEY"

"Real People", "HONEY" win at least once... Fan characters who are more "REALISTIC" Fuck you, you get third...

This "Interesting" character... Fuck her... I want GOOD not "Good but not Great"... Catch my drift?

You forget "HONEY" Optimus fucking Prime is the LEADER of the GODDAMN AUTOBOTS...

This pissy little cat freak isn't worth anything... How dare you even TRY to compare the two...

It seems "HONEY", people seem to think that if you want REALISTIC they can NEVER win at ANYTHING no matter HOW GOOD they MIGHT be...

It IS still possible to win and still be interesting... If reality is only coming in third no matter how hard you try... Fuck it... Give me the goddamn Mary Sue...
And then two characters who both win every tournament ever take part in the same tournament...
If they're ONLY good at winning fighting tournaments... Yet suck at practically everything else... Fine... I don't have any qualms... Now if they're fighting opposite the main "fan" character... And the main "fan" character happens to beat them... Even better...

There are two MAJOR elements needed to make a character interesting... 1. The Character itself... 2. The WORLD the character lives in...

This "INTERESTING" Real character?... What the hell kind of world does she live in? Is it the real world? If that's the case... What's the point?...

At least we have an idea of what we're getting with the Mary Sue...
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